The Seva Mela Guest Book

Sudhir Kumar signed the guest book at The Resilient Foundation

"Dear Sir, With respect and warm regards , I want to request that our organization based in Hazaribag ,Jharkhand work on social service for the last 15 years. An organization named SWADESH was established in October 2006 in Ichak block of Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand with the efforts of Sudhir Kumar and Prabhu Dayal Ram and influenced by the ideology of Jai Prakash Narayan, Mahatma Gandhi and Lok Samiti organization. Shri Sudhir Kumar was associated with the Lok Samiti organization in the society during his graduation, due to which the desire to work in the society arose. After graduation, he worked as an observer in the non-formal education center run by the Bihar government, at the same time, he was impressed due to his association with the Lok Samiti organization and organized some colleagues, all awakened the desire to work in the society and the consent of all the colleagues In 2006, an organization named SWADESH was formed and work was started in the society.After meeting with all the colleagues, it was decided to work in four areas, bringing awareness among women, health, education, environment according to the naming of the institution SWADESH (S-society, W- women's, A-awareness, D- Development, E - Educational S- services, & H-health) It was resolved to work, after this the institution was legally registered in March 2008 from Jharkhand Government Ranchi under the Registration of Institutions Act 21,1860 from the Registration Department, Ranchi Jharkhand. Organization has CSR-1 registration, 12AA and 80G, and Darpan unique ID. Work done by the organization • Women's group was created by the organization and linked to the bank and the account was opened • In this sequence, 165 SHGs were formed in Ichak and Padma blocks of Hazaribagh district by joining the support organization and joining the SHG program run by NABARD and 132 women groups were given loans from BOI and JRGB by opening bank accounts. May the economic condition be strengthened In collaboration with WHO and support organizations, the wastage was done by running a campaign by the Children's Vaccination Organization. "GALI GALI SIM SIM" program was run by the support organization for the educational and mental development of children. To prevent violence against women from the year 2016 to 18, in collaboration with Srijan Foundation Ranchi, a program was run in Padma block to save women and adolescent girls from violence. • E-shakti program is being run with the support of NABARD-run support since the year 2016, under this digitization of women's groups is being done and all the information of the group is being kept through eshakti app. A one-day program was organized by NABARD on 19/09/2019 and 13/02/2020 to make the members of Padma and Ichak block women's groups of Hazaribagh district aware. In which the members were given information regarding opening of accounts in the bank and insurance related and digital transactions, government schemes. On 18/11/2019, under the joint aegis of NABARD and SWADESH, 13 days training of Tailoring and Argabatti was conducted in Saraiya, Surajpura Panchayat of Padma block and women were trained. In view of the increasing outbreak of covid-19 on 25/03/2020, the organization Swadesh distributed masks, sanitizers, soaps among the needy people in 05 panchayats of Padma and Ichak blocks of Hazaribagh district. On 02/12/20, under the joint aegis of NABARD and SWADESH, training for manufacturing sanitary napkins and face masks was carried out under the LEDP project of NABARD, under which 90 women would be linked to employment after training, 90 women of 21 women group. Sanitary napkin pads and face masks 45 days training . On 16/04/2021, under the joint aegis of NABARD and Swadesh, a five-day pig- rearing training was conducted under the MEDP purpose of NABARD, under which 30 women were trained and motivated to follow sugar. On 21/08/2021, under the joint aegis of NABARD and Swadesh, under the MEDP project of NABARD, 15 days bamboo basket making training was given in which 30 women were trained by women from bamboo to dustbin, vegetable stand, brush stand, pen Stand, hair clip flower branches are being made and sold in the market. Under the joint aegis of NABARD and Swadesh, a 45-day wood craft training was given under the LEDP project of NABARD, in which 90 women were trained, from wood to pen stand, photo frame, acupressure, wooden tray, name plate are being made by women. and being sold in the market. SWADESH Organisation started “SHG Gram Dukan” in collaboration with NABARD to market the items made by women self-help groups such as sanitary napkin pads and face masks, petticoats, blouses, wooden craft items, bamboo craft items,etc. SHG Gram Dukan is being operated by womens of SHG to connect rural womens with employment under monitoring of SWADESH Organisation In our project area we organized a health checkup camp for the underserved community and for the women of SWADESH organisation Also, to make women aware about their menstrual health, Charcha was conducted at different location And the corona vaccination campaign was run and the old man was vaccinated In charcha two problem statement were noted; first is the unavailability of pads, and second is the unavailability of nutritions diet during period days I, Therefore requesting you please provide me necessary guidance which is needed for the empanelment process. and also request you to please provide an opportunity to work among economically weaker sections of society with your support.. Thanks and Regards Sudhir Kumar ( Secretary) SWADESH Hazaribagh Jharkhand India Phone - 9835755444, 9334408030 E mail- Website -"

August 19, 2023 at 02:11 PM