1. This website (#DaanUtsav Seva Mela) is a platform for people to engage with various opportunities to celebrate #DaanUtsav, India's festival of giving, by donating time, money, materials or raising awareness. The website itself doesn't seek or accept any donations, contributions, volunteers or support of any kind.
  2. The website is owned by India Welfare Trust (IWT), a nonprofit organisation.
  3. The website provides no assurance on the credibility or reliability of the various organisations that have set up stalls or will speak at the Mela. Visitors understand that they engage on the platform at their own risk and are expected to undertake their own due diligence before supporting any initiative. The website, the volunteers who put it together or anyone else will not be liable for any claims by visitors under any circumstances.
  4. IWT has the absolute discretion to allow or disallow any organisation or individual from speaking or setting up a stall on the website.
  5. Stalls are not allowed to engage in commercial activities except ones that provide a substantial portion of the income to charity.
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  7. No political or religious activity is allowed on the site.
  8. Stalls found not complying with these or any other guidelines that may be issued, can be disabled and removed at any point of time at IWT's sole discretion.
  9. By visiting this site, every visitor, as well as every organisation, group, entity or individual hosting a stall or talk on the site undertakes to abide by these Terms of Service.