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Sanjyot signed the guest book at PRAVAH

"Hello, Good to meet you on this platform. Your Organisation is registered on our website, In case you wish to learn more about fundraising opportunities or due diligence, do visit our stall Giving Tuesday India. You can also write back to us at Thank you Sanjyot "

October 2, 2020 at 03:02 PM

Aamir signed the guest book at PRAVAH

"To work with an organization so that I could Implement my Innovative ideas for development of Education and to Collaborate and Communicate with the primary grade Students, Teacher’s so that they could improve his teaching pedagogy with innovative ideas and Use of ICT and mass media. I am looking for this position not only for the financial purpose, I am highly motivated Educator regarding education which is appropriate for the Teachers or student. One of the best part to looking for as an employee I will get multiples of task which gives me a confidante to do more and more. "

October 2, 2020 at 02:04 PM