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The operation will be in 2nd week of October during #DaanUtsav India's festival of giving. It needed more than 12 people at the time of operation and total expenditure will be 25,000 for medicine and materials only where around 10,000 can be used from samples of companies. The bull will be for 2 months observation and will be attached to Local Sanaskar Public School where LI and VS use to visit. One extra shed to be made for him as sever bleeding and infection possibilities are there. For two month food will cost 12,000 ie @200 per day. On person to engage for two month costs 6,000 X 2 and some post operation medicine etc. Chairman of the school will be happy to make the shed and perfect supervision. VS, LI and Gomitra will visit regularly without any expectation as its a noble cause. We need total 50,000 to make the bull OK. You may help.


Help the Bull for his operation Oct 2 - Sat 10:00 17:00 Add to Calendar
Mental Health and Wellness Oct 3 - Sun 10:00 17:00 Add to Calendar


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