Vasudha Bakery

Vasudha Bakery is an all women maintained bakery baking wholesome products using native, organic ingredients.

Vasudha Bakery is an all-women bakery situated at Kariappana Doddi, in the fringes of Bhannerghata National Forest. The bakery is a source of dignity, pride, and integrity to the women with simple lives as well as daily bread, recognition, and cash for them. The ingredients used in all products are sourced from different farmers and women associated with Buffaloback Collective, the parent company. Only organic, wholesome ingredients are used and the flours needed for these are milled by these women in stone-ground chakki at the farm. Buffalo back collective helps in marketing these in Bangalore and some other places. The flour made by the stone ground chakki is more nutritious, healthy and retains the flavor. We currently have 1 such atta machine and hope to put up four more of these which helps these women to scale up production and reach larger markets.


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