Stonesoup Trust

Reducing sanitary waste, while generating livelihood.

Stonesoup Trust works in the area of Sustainable Menstruation' Our aim is to reduce the generation of sanitary waste while creating livelihood. Stonesoup Trust's Green Dot program aims at setting up cloth pad stitching and sustainable menstrual hygiene products selling units in all the districts of India. This ensures that while the awareness about sustainable menstruation increases, the products are also made available locally. Stonesoup Trust also aims at donating sustainable and happy periods to women and girls in need. We have reached out to more than 3000 women through our donation programs during the covid crisis. Our latest campaign 'Cup for Covid Warriors' aims at donating menstrual cups to the frontline workers. It has been reported that donning PPE kits for more than 12 hours, women frontline workers find it extremely difficult to manage their menstruation as they are not able to change their disposable sanitary napkins every 4-5 hours as prescribed. A menstrual cup will comfortably last them for more than 12 hours. Click below to donate.


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Such an amazing initiative and something so important. All the best :)

~ Jayasaagar. C from Bangalore