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“A compassionate city is an uncomfortable city. A city that is uncomfortable when anyone is homeless or hungry. Uncomfortable if every child isn’t loved and given rich opportunities to grow and thrive. Uncomfortable when as a community we don’t treat our neighbours as we would wish to be treated.” Karen Armstrong

Last year, when the pandemic had hit the whole world in various ways, Kindness and care were seen as the healing tool. Our team too tried to contribute to the cause by initiating relief work to support vulnerable communities and by building the social and emotional capacities of young people. However, we feel there is a lot yet to unveil and cater to. In order to be Compassionate, we must also have curiosity about other people and their experiences. As they say, Compassion is nothing but Empathy in action, we all need to take some conscious little steps, to get out of our silos and look at the world as a whole. So here we are... back again with karunatine- Our annual Campaign that builds awareness around community issues with a view to inspire acts of compassion. This year we will create spaces for young people to understand 7 different community issues on 7 weekends. And what better day than Gandhi Jayanti to start something as potent as this!

Through this initiative we intend to: ● Build understanding of young people around different social issues in and around Jaipur ● Inspire and Initiate compassionate Action projects ● Raise 25 lakh Rs. to support post covid relief work in and around Jaipur


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