Seva Kitchen

Seva Kitchen Feeds the needy patients and their Relatives in Hospitals through their initiative Seva Tiffin and Neki Ka Pitara.

The Idea of calling it Seva Kitchen , came with some deliberation. The name Seva Kitchen quite literally, draws on the traditional value of selfless giving - a desire to serve or doing Seva. Although we started off by making meals accessible to relatives of patients in hospitals, the term Seva Kitchen continues to cover a broader ambit of addressing hunger needs. Towards this guiding principle is the belief that every kitchen , in every town ,village of city is a Seva Kitchen. The provider of succor to those who are hungry , because every meal counts.

This #Daanutsav, Seva Kitchen is aiming to raise over 1,00,000+ containers of Khichdi to serve food to the the OPD patients and relatives of patients in Hospitals. Each container can comfortably feed over 25+ people. In total, they're aiming to feed over 25,00,000+ vulnerable patients and their relatives.

Daan Utsav is a celebration of giving and reaching out to the ones in need. We urge you to help Seva Kitchen feed thousands of people in need so that they can have a better life.

Donate today, because your contribution will give them a nutritious meal and a ray of hope. To buy a container of Khichdi click on the link below..


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H from India has pledged to help Seva Kitchen by

  • Volunteering
  • Creating Awareness

Excellent work from Seva Kitchen!

~ Om from Nagpur

Atul Mehta from Mumbai has pledged to help Seva Kitchen by

  • Giving Resources

DU from Kerala has pledged to help Seva Kitchen by

  • Creating Awareness
  • Buying Products

Satheesh Reddy Pondugula from Peddapally has pledged to help Seva Kitchen by

  • Creating Awareness

Excellent work Khushroo...!!! Feeding the needy at hospitals is really required and Sevakitchen is addressing this issue...!! More power to entire Seva kitchen team...!!!

~ Satheesh Reddy Pondugula from Peddapally

More power to You Khushroo and Seva kitchen

~ Chhitra Subramaniam from Mumbai

Can't wait

~ Aditya Hase from Mumbai