SOciety for CHildren (SOCH)

Running various initiatives in Odisha to improve the well being of children from needy communities (Lives touched 5000+)

Society for Children SOCH) is a 9 year old non-profit organization registered under Society Act XXI of 1860, headquartered in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Through the below projects, we have impacted 5000+ children from needy communities in Odisha. RAKSHYAK - focused on rescue and resettlement of runaway, missing, abducted and abandoned children majorly focusing at railway stations. Lives touched: 5433 PUNARJIVAN - a one month Behavior Modification Camp working for the hard behavior children who have a habit of running away regularly, or who have been misled into some sort of addiction or who have been separated from their family for a longer duration. Lives touched: 115 PANKH - aimed at providing counselling, mentoring, life skill building training and facilitating vocational training with job placement support to the youth from difficult or no family background. Lives touched: 653 CHILD-CENTERED COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT - focused on development of the larger community and especially the women, who are key to the overall well being of children. Lives touched: 380 CHILD-CENTERED DISASTER RESPONSE - aimed at reducing the impact of any disaster by preparing the communities to face the coming disaster and providing relief support to cope up with difficulties post disaster. Lives touched: 1707 families

We would love to meet you at our stall, and discuss ways we can help reach out to more children and help them.


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