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Enabling children from vulnerable & underprivileged backgrounds to develop their social & academic potential, to break the cycle of poverty

We are a Mumbai-based, registered NGO which works in collaboration with Akanksha Foundation, CORP, and Teach for India to provide quality education to talented & deserving children, coming from underprivileged and vulnerable backgrounds. Our “Happy Kids Program” is currently supporting 45 kids who are enrolled in our partner residential schools in Pune, Panchgani and Nashik. These schools provide academic training par excellence and also focus on the extra-curricular activities for overall personality development. In addition to this, we ensure the well-being of children with regular health checks and psychological counseling. The families of the children are also involved to ensure a well-nurtured environment for the child at home. The Happy Kids program partners with the child from enrollment in the residential school, throughout their education lifecycle, till they are established as independent working professionals.


The Happy Kids Program Oct 3 - Sun 14:00 14:30 Add to Calendar
Quiz Time with Ra Foundation Oct 3 - Sun 14:30 15:00 Add to Calendar
Mandala Art Sale by Rekha Oct 3 - Sun 15:00 15:30 Add to Calendar
Yoga with Shikha Pandey, Founder Purnayoga Oct 3 - Sun 15:30 16:00 Add to Calendar


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