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Punarjanm Foundation Trust or Punarjanm was started in the year 2016 to support the support system. It was initially started with an aim to help those stranded by natural calamities, by helping them to revive their livelihood and family support. Since the pandemic, Punarjanm has realized its deeper commitment to the society. From providing monthly grocery supplies to procuring medicines and oxygen concentrators for those affected by the disastrous Covid-19, Punarjanm has been expanding its helping hands to India's most rural regions. Our dedicated team of volunteers and staff work round-the-clock in identifying, analyzing, facilitating and reaching out aid to those in dire need.

Punarjanm's focus is to rebuild, recreate and regrow the lives of the underprivileged population of the country. Its primary goal is to empower people with access to good health, education, job-ready skills and sustainable livelihood.


Various intervention by Punarjanm and community video. Oct 2 - Sat 10:30 12:00 Add to Calendar
Live demo : SPOTCARE Klinik-in-a-Kiosk A unique health intervention to provide healthcare consultations in remote areas Oct 2 - Sat 15:30 16:30 Add to Calendar
Various cultural activities by Punarjanm volunteers Oct 3 - Sun 12:35 14:00 Add to Calendar


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~ Mohd suhail from Delhi


~ Mohd suhail from Delhi

~ Mohd suhail from Delhi