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Gift Sustainable Livelihood, allow us to help you experience Natural, Guilt-free, Childlike Joy by volunteering for our Ecoedu-projects.

Join us now on this beautiful journey to gift a guilt-free, trash-free eco-friendly lifestyle and provide Sustainable Livelihood options to the less-privileged around us, as part of your CSR projects or otherwise.

Enjoy Zero-Waste, eco-friendly Celebrations with us & contribute in a great way to Sustainable Development Goals of the Global goals, mainly Zero Hunger, Good Health & Wellbeing, Climate Action, Clean Air, Responsible Consumption & Production, Sustainable Communities & Cities, etc. by joining & supporting any of our below-mentioned initiatives.

Please drop a message to us if you wish to adopt or support amazing green ideas for CSR Projects, Consultancy, Training, Workshops, organizing Green Corporate Events, Corporate gifting, Personal, Social, Religious, or Cultural Celebrations, Events, fairs, exhibitions.

Share your valuable time ( 3-5 hrs a week), skills, knowledge, expertise, ideas, resources, funds, networks to make this Diwali very special for less fortunate people around us, *like rural & slum women who have lost their jobs due to Covid19 * the students of rural schools who are missing on Education as their schools have been closed for the past 7 months * The migrant workers who need food to cope with the present times.

Having you as our Co-partner/ Supporter/ Buyer / Volunteer/ Donor will help us increase the impact of our giving under our core initiatives to beat COVID19

1)Bhoomija' Green Livelihood Program ( making eco-friendly Mask/Diwali Gifts/Compost etc..)

2) Swayam'( online Education Program for Rural India- Digital, Functional & Environmental Literacy)

3) Annapoorna Community Rasoi ( providing Food for All & reducing Food Wastage)

4) Prithvi Utsav ( clean up & plantation drives) and many more ...

5) Sambhav ( Sustainable Waste Management program)

6) Health in our Hands ( Sustainable Menstrual Health, Hygiene & Happiness)

Visit Bhoomija-our Zerowaste Home store, which stands for Rethinking, Re-use, Redesigning, Re-inventing, Re-innovation, Upcycling, Reducing wastages of precious resources & Plastics where possible.

This Diwali adopt, promote & support Bhoomija Seed Lakshmi Ganeshji, Handmade Upcycled Diyas, Led Jhaalar, Solar lanterns, Seed Stationery, Eco-masks, our Steel Crockery Bank, Eco-utility items like Homemade, natural organic compost, Seed Ganesh Lakshmi Ji, Upcycled Planters, Indoor plants, Eco-packaging options like Potlis, cloth bags, grocery bags, Natural Biocleaners, Eco-seed pens, Paper coasters, Cloth bags, Fancy paper Bags, Folders, file covers, Bamboo Cutlery, Bamboo toiletries, Eco-hankies, Shagun potlis or Eco-Gifts, like stone art, upcycled greeting cards, Eco-rakhis, Herbal Gulal, etc.. Let's leave our Land, water & air clean & care for people around us. Happy Diwali.


Garbage Daan Oct 2 - Sat 11:00 16:00 Add to Calendar
Green Teacher Awards ,Nominate Now Oct 2 - Sat 12:00 15:00 Add to Calendar
Jal Daan- Catch it before it falls, Be a Water Hero Oct 3 - Sun 11:00 12:00 Add to Calendar
Gyaan Daan-Awareness Workshop on POCSO & POSH Oct 2 - Sat 14:00 14:30 Add to Calendar
Hair Daan for 100 Cancer patients Oct 2 - Sat 15:30 14:00 Add to Calendar
Podh Daan -Gift Harishankari or Triveni saplings Oct 2 - Sat 10:00 16:30 Add to Calendar
Bhojan Daan-Gift a meal or ration Kit Oct 2 - Sat 10:00 16:00 Add to Calendar


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I really appreciate your thoughts,the creativity and the work you're doing,so generous.All the events, workshops were brilliant! I'm glad to be here. Thankyou!

~ Akshata from Thane, Maharashtra

Hi, This is Taranjit, Co founder, Padsquad,an organisation working in the area of menstrual hygiene and sustainability. We would love to connect with you. Thanks Taranjit 8879802385 ~ TARANJIT KAUR from Mumbai

~ Taranjit from Mumbai

Hi, This is Taranjit, Co founder, Padsquad,an organisation working in the area of menstrual hygiene and sustainability. We would love to connect with you. Thanks Taranjit 8879802385 ~ TARANJIT KAUR from Mumbai

~ Taranjit kaur from Mumbai

Hello Ma'am, It was so great to talk to you. You are someone who inspires me. Thank you for your valuable time. Looking forward to collaborate with you :) Regards, Sanjivani

~ Sanjivani from Udaipur

Sanjivani from Udaipur has pledged to help Prithvi Innovations by

  • Creating Awareness

Amazing initiatives, very inspired to see the simple ways in which Prithvi invites people to get involved into acts of kindness without stressing much :) All the best!

~ Aakanksha Kumari from CHENNAI

It was wonderful indeed' the ideas, the eco-friendly Indian Products, all were awesome...

~ Aaviral Agarwal from Lucknow