Help Blue-collared Workers To Earn Their Livelihood When Fixing a Pothole

PotHoleRaja is a social initiative with a vision to make India pothole-free. Till now we have fixed over 7000+ potholes across 6 cities in India, ensuring thousands of lives are safe everyday.

During lock-down PotHoleRaja along with 30 other NGO's distributed dry ration to more than 1.8 Lakh underserved families.

With the Unlock situation not the same, they exhausted their savings, lost their job and have nowhere to look around as they accepted Bangalore as their hometown leaving behind their native hometown years ago.

PotHoleRaja Livelihood Initiative is ensuring wages to blue collared workers with fixing potholes. Till now this initiative has helped 18 workers to earn Rs 15,000 in total and fixing over 75 Sq Mt. of potholes till 28th September.

Help us by donating and be our ambassador for driving this initiative.


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Love the work! Love the cause! Need of the hour! Kudos to the team for creating livelihoods for the ones who need the most! Cheers

~ Vidur Dhabaria from Mumbai