Paigam Organization

A Youth-led organization working with anthropological approach in Madhya Pradesh and Assam.

Paigam is a youth organization that started with the idea of change-making, on 31 st December 2012 in Baihar. Activities of the organization began with the Vastradaan (Cloth donation program). After 2-3 more Vastradaan programs we felt that the only donation of the cloth would not make a futuristic change on them..the change should be Sustainable. We changed our way of working.

We focus on Creative Education, Rurban Empowerment, youth leadership and Coordination with Simple societies. We have started our chapter in Assam also.

From 4pm to 5 Pm

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Whatsapp no - 9713976933

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Instagram - Paigam_organization

For Handicrafts - Dreamswearcraft


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