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A People's Volunteer Movement to provide menstrual hygiene to women and girls in the simplest way. Donate a Pad or Join the Squad.



Pad Squad is a people’s movement across India, that enables an individual to take personal social responsibility and action to get & distribute sanitary pads to economically disadvantaged women within their locality, town or city. It is committed to preserving the dignity and health of menstruating women & girls.

Covid-19 made basic essentials like Food scarce for the most fragile and vulnerable people / communities of society, and Sanitary Pads a huge luxury for these people. Pad Squad started on June 1st 2020, with a calling, that this need of menstrual hygiene must be addressed. Our Philosophy is that Women must be provided for and kept strong, as they keep families strong.

Pad Squad directly reaches the people in the Bastis, volunteering collaborating networks across India that work directly with the communities.

Currently, Pad Squad is in 35 cities, with over 70 Pad Squadders, who are spreading awareness and looking after the menstrual needs of approx. 50 communities and growing everyday.

Pad Squad has been making constructive and successful efforts in distributing Biodegradable Pads and will continue to champion Going Green. Pad Squad was Co-Founded by Chhitra Subramaniam (Film Producer) Taranjit Kaur (Actor,Poet)) Devashish Makhija (Film Director), Surya Balakrishnan (Advertising Film Director), Monica Raheja (Producer), Niiya Nia (Actor & activist), Gillian Pinto (Actor), Mayuri Joshi Dhavale (Entrepreneur)

Pad Squad is now in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkatta, Delhi, Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Ghaziabad, Ranchi, Lucknow, Chennai, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Guwahati, Kalimpong, Shimla, Navi Mumbai, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Goa, Bhilwara, Beawar, Toronto. Our PadSquadders are Doctors, Lawyers, Artists, Dentists, Activists, Home Makers, Designers…

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This is very noble work. I may not be able to contribute physically but want to contribute financially. Please advise 🙏

~ Gobind khemani from Pune

Nirav from Mumbai has pledged to help Pad Squad by

  • Donating

This sounds fantastic, would love to know more and work with you to support RISE girls in Krishanagar. Please email to see how we can work together. Best wishes, Sanju

~ Sanju Pal from London

Grt work being done by SwapnaPuran NGO @Satarupa Di for Sunderbans area of West Bengal...More power to U and ur team 👏❤️

~ Pragya from Kolkata

I love this concept of Seva mela and Daan Utsav. It should be celebrated all over the world. Blessed to be part of DaanUtsav as a Pad Squadder ❤️

~ Rajinder kaur Satti from Kanpur

Its an honour to be part of a cause which is the most ignored in our country. Blessed to be assisted by such kickass volunteers who inspire us everyday..excited to be a part of daaaaaaaan ustav.. coz we padsquadders r not making a simple daan. Its gonna be huuuuuuge😊😊😊😊😊😁😁

~ Dr Minal Ali Khan from Indore,madhya pradesh

I feel so happy being a part of DAAN UTSAV as a Padsquadder. Pray y(our) tribe grows. 💫😊💫

~ Farida Dariwala from Mumbai

Proud to be a part of this simple and great initiative and doing small steps at a time for the girls and women for their basic necessities .

~ Vaidhei Pagaria from Navi Mumbai

Vaidhei Pagaria from Navi Mumbai has pledged to help Pad Squad by

  • Donating
  • Creating Awareness

Lets do Gupshup , we are online at our stall .

~ Chhitra Subramaniam from Mumbai

Great opportunity for us@Padsquad to be a part of @SevaMela @DaanUtsav ...Deep gratitude 🙏🙏

~ Pragya Gupta from Kolkata

Its a great initiative started by chitra and others, super proud of you people👏..its a basic necessity for women..we as women are all there for you in this initiative in whatever capacity we can.

~ Monika Chandna from Mumbai

Great work from Chitra S. mam in #padsquad, Im really proud of her. I am very big fan of her.

~ Vidya Yashwant Patil from Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Vidya Yashwant Patil from Aurangabad, Maharashtra has pledged to help Pad Squad by

  • Creating Awareness

Very happy to be a part of Daan Utsav as a Padsquadder 🤗

~ Gillian Pinto from Pune

wonderful to see Pad Squad partnering with daan utsav .

~ Mayuri Dhavale from Pune

Thanks #DaanUtsav #SevaMela for giving us @Padsquad an opportunity to collaborate and serve the society. We are looking forward to this week.

~ TARANJIT KAUR from Mumbai

Thank you Daan Utsav for championing the health, hygiene and comfort for women and girls

~ Chhitra Subramaniam from Mumbai

Looks cool!

~ Rushabh Mehta from Mumbai