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We hold hands of the needy till the one is self independent and confident. We aim for the healthy and happy community.

Niru Foundation is a Non-for-Profit Organisation in India working for the childhood cancer cause, women's empowerment, and education. The motive behind our E-stall is 1. Create awareness 2. Reach out to people who might be interested in volunteering at our foundation and wish to share some of their skills. 3. We expect generous support from all sections of people for our mission accomplishment.


Cervical Cancer Awareness Oct 2 - Sat 11:00 13:00 Add to Calendar
Womens Personal Hygiene Awareness Oct 3 - Sun 12:00 14:00 Add to Calendar
HIV AWareness Oct 2 - Sat 13:00 15:00 Add to Calendar


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Hi, This is Taranjit, Co founder, Padsquad,an organisation working in the area of menstrual hygiene and sustainability. We would love to connect with you. Thanks Taranjit 8879802385 ~ TARANJIT KAUR from Mumbai

~ Shilpika from Mumbai

Nitish Mahulkar from Mumbai has pledged to help Niru Foundation by

  • Volunteering
  • Giving Resources
  • Creating Awareness

Will be happy to help and support Niru Foundation. Do come forward to support Niru Foundation

~ Diya from Mumbai