NaviNam Enterprise

Lets Drive the world with innovation and disruption in Livelihood Opportunities

Navinam Enterprise promotes Livelihood Employment, Disruption, eco-friendly Solutions through its Sustainable Volunteering program, and contributes to Sustainable Development Goals, mainly Responsible Consumption & Production, Sustainable Communities & Cities, etc. It supports social & economic empowerment of rural and slum women and youth, along with environmental protection.

Our aim has been to serve by inspiring underprivileged women, local economies and youth with Formation of SHG & Technology to take up sustainable and joyful livelihood. Our objective is to generate employment with innovation from the machines like Cotton Wicks Machine, Jute Mattress Machine & Thereafter Eventually, we would like to create an Centre for innovation in indigenous livelihood Employment Opportunities.

Our communities are Preparing wonderful Items which are as follows,

1. Protective friendly-masks, 2. Eco-utility items like Jute Mattress, 3. Cotton Wicks, 4. Dry Sea foods like Boomla & 5. Innovative diverse range of Products for the home etc.

We have our facility available at Rajkot(Gujarat), Diu (Daman & Diu, U.T.), and Dungarpur (Rajasthan).

With our efforts and your support, we believe that we can make the difference!

Adopt, promote & support Navinam

Connect with us at 7340031271 ,


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An amazing initiative. All the best :)

~ Jayasaagar C from Bangalore

Do your best

~ Rohit Solanki from Rajkot