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Empower adolescent girls to challenge social norms and create new narratives! Join the movement of grassroots girl leaders!

India is home to the largest population of adolescent girls (120 million) in the world. The majority of them live in underserved communities and around 40% percent of adolescent girls in the 15-18 age group are not attending any educational institution, and a vast majority — around 65 percent — of them are "either engaged in household activities, are dependents, or, are engaged in begging, etc".

Investing in the education of girls brings high returns in terms of breaking cycles of poverty and aiding economic growth — but it also improves children’s and women’s survival rates and health, delays child marriage and early pregnancies, empowers women both in the home and the workplace, and helps tackle climate change.

Yet the potential of adolescent girls to thrive is limited JUST because they are girls.

According to the World Bank, the return on one year of secondary education for a girl correlates with as high as a 25% increase in wages later in life. Adolescent girls are the solution to some of the most pressing challenges we face today.

Educating girls can help fulfill 9 of 17 #SDGs – including tackling climate change! When a girl is educated, she’s more likely to avoid early marriage, survive childbirth, and educate her own children. Educating girls and young women has a positive multiplier effect on progress across virtually all development areas.

Milaan with the lens that girls are best suited to understand their unique circumstances and hence, must take center stage in their own transformation, empowers and educates adolescent girls to overcome many limitations that are imposed on them.

Our work focuses on ensuring adolescent girls complete secondary education, recognize and prevent gender-based discrimination and violence, have the ability to make their own decisions with an enhanced agency, and have the knowledge of sexual and reproductive health to lead a healthy life.


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