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Giving , speak louder than speech. Your small donation can make a huge difference in there life.

Linings Foundation Trust is a philanthropic organization. We believe that every under privileged human has a rights of nutritious food, proper shelter and education. Every under privileged person has there rights to touch theirs dream. We work for the society and more over children and woman for there betterment.

This time Durga Puja ( Biggest festival of West Bengal) is different. Break your delusion , wake up and extend your hand of cooperation for the under privileged children woman. Please take responsibility for At-list one smile. Gift them a new clothes. And feel there price less smile and satisfaction.


woman empowerment project Oct 2 - Sat 13:00 13:30 Add to Calendar
Healthy environment Oct 3 - Sun 12:00 12:30 Add to Calendar


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Hi, This is Taranjit, Co founder, Padsquad,an organisation working in the area of menstrual hygiene and sustainability. We would love to connect with you. Thanks Taranjit 8879802385 ~ TARANJIT KAUR from Mumbai

~ Taranjit kaur from Mumbai