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The KRITI TEAM, is a 21-year old development support and implementation organisation that works with a gender and intersectionalities approach with non-profits, communities and social enterprises across India. Its programmes include Gestures, which is a sustainable livelihoods initiative that enables design and marketing of handmade products made by over 1000 rural and urban community producers in the country. All our products are eco friendly, ethically produced on principles of decent and fair wages with principles of gender justice and equity. The Kriti Film Club screens documentary films to trigger discussions and actions on important societal and rights concerns; it curates and promotes thoughtprovokingcinema based events for social change. Our community women's programme in Dehradun, Astitva for Women, supports women survivors of domestic violence and enables them to set up small businesses for having livelihoods with dignity, including organic food products for sustaining farming livelihoods. It enables their children to access education and health for overall well-being and fulfillment of their aspirations. The annual production of Our Diary documents and shares stories and experiences of peoples movements for recognising, protecting and promoting human rights.

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