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IndiVillage Foundation is a Bangalore based non-profit organisation focused on community development in rural India. Our primary focus areas are Education, Gender Equality and Livelihoods. Our objective is to help children and youth in rural India lead better lives through continued opportunities in education and employment. We envision a world where rural communities are self-sufficient and thriving. Our programs are run independently by our Impact Team as well as in partnership with other local organisations to address need-based social challenges.

IndiVillage Foundation is focused towards the advancement of the UN SDGs and therefore all our programs are aligned with several of the global goals.

Storytelling Saturday is a child literacy program focused on building joy and love for stories in children from 4-5 years age, in rural primary schools. The program also enables teachers with tools and training to incorporate storytelling in everyday teaching, and promote reading habits in children early on in their lives.

Girls in Tech is a coding and life skills program for adolescent girls in rural govt and private schools to build knowledge, skills and mindsets that help young girls make informed career and life choices. The program is run through local women in the tech industry as a way to nurture more female role models in tech.

Impact Centres are livelihood centres that provide local youth in rural India with sustainable employment through technology. The centres are also a space to give these youth, who are first time job holders, personal and professional guidance through various workshops and trainings.

Rural Mentoring is a program at IndiVillage that invites corporate professionals to donate their time and skills to help support our programs by working directly with our beneficiaries.

Samvāda: Dialogue for Impact is an industry interaction program to promote knowledge and collaboration in the social impact sector. Through monthly topic-based engagements, we hope to foster a space of continued learning, academic discussion, and active collaboration between social organisations.

Community Health Awareness Programs is an effort (in-progress) with the objective to spread the right kind of knowledge and access about health issues in rural communities. The initiative depends heavily on institutional and NGO partnerships and is aimed to create local volunteer response teams on health for the community.


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