Hi Possibilities

Exploring Immense possibilities

We are endowed with immense possibilities- inner strength, wisdom, enthusiasm, friendship that each one of us has in us.

We explore and share these possibilities through playful activities and games. If you'd like to experience our workshop, do follow the schedule of workshops for today.

10 to 11 am: Suman Ma'am and Suyash

11am to 12 pm: Suyash and Swapna

12 to 1pm: Prenika and Yasmin

2 to 3 pm: Suman and Kailash

3 to 4 pm: Leela and Radhika

4 to 5 pm: Kabir and Swapna/Radhika

Kindly keep a pen/sketch, a paper, mirror ready with you.

Also, you can follow and reach out us through various means. We'd also be happy to share Possibilities Diary with you all. If interested, do email us.

FB: facebook.com/hi.possibilities

Instagram: humansofpossibilities

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ZRdbVH4z23t2wZoNRd1Zg

Email: hi.possibilities@gmail.com


9969561306 Aspi Shroff

9571217633 Kreative Kabir

Much Love and Light 💛🌼


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