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ग्रामीण भारत हमको बुला रहा है। हम वहाँ कुछ करते हैं,चलो गाँव की ओर चलते हैं।

We at HASNAA, are a team of dentists, oral care activists, health care workers and like minded people, dedicated towards strengthening General, Oral and Women Healthcare services across Rural India through pro-bono promotive, supervisory, curative and outreach services. Most diseases in early stages are largely preventable and easily treatable. Awareness and timely intervention is the key to making the rural Healthcare fabric of our Nation stronger. Unfortunately the Urban-Rural divide is still quite significant despite efforts. Portable Healthcare systems can be provide a breakthrough for this deadlock. Through our seva mela stall ,we urge you to come forward and support us serve the rural communities better. Let's get down to brainstorming ideas, thoughts and suggestions for a qualitative, affordable and an all inclusive Healthcare system for all. [Health] (


Pediatric health during Covid-19 Oct 2 - Sat 12:00 13:00 Add to Calendar
Understanding Water Management Oct 2 - Sat 16:00 17:00 Add to Calendar
Oral Hygiene awareness for HIV+ Patients Oct 3 - Sun 15:00 16:00 Add to Calendar


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Congratulations to Team Haasna . Brilliant initiative.

~ Mahima Mehra from Pune