Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions Private Ltd

Enabling citizens and enterprises unlock benefits of government welfare programs

Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions, a social enterprise, has a technology based approach to connect citizens and enterprises to their eligible entitlements. Their screening engine discovers eligible schemes for citizens and enterprises. Further their assisted tech model leverages a cadre of field support agents—called Haqdarshaks—who provide the last-mile application support to citizens and enterprises so that they can unlock benefits of government and private welfare programs. Over a period of 4 years, we have impacted 400,000 families and unlocked benefits over Rs.100 crore in the form of government scheme benefits. We are operational in 19 Indian states .

Haqdarshak’s debut campaign during Daan Utsav will enable the key enablers of India’s economic growth—micro enterprises and vendors—access government capital via unlocking welfare program benefits. Just a Rs.300 donation will help 1 enterprise apply for these programs and unlock at least Rs.10,000 of low cost finance. A sustainable way of giving back, this campaign focuses on those startups, which are thriving in local markets, mandis, and your neighbourhood kirana shops! Click here to start donating: https://fundraisers.giveindia.org/campaigns/re-build-to-re-begin-help-a-local-micro-enterprise-stay-afloat


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