Happy World Foundation

We believe in creating a Happier World, where 1% of the World’s population gives just 1% of their time and money for the noble cause

Happy World Foundation focuses on Projects related to Environment, Education, Empowerment, Eliminating Hunger

School Sapling Project:

  • We identify a village Government School and target young children aged between 8-14.
  • An educational session is provided to the children, about healthy food, protecting natural resources, benefits of planting trees
  • Empowering the children about achievement of their goals in life, building their confidence level and providing tips on good nourishment at low cost
  • Post the session, they are taught - how to plant Saplings, within their School premises
  • At the end of the session each child is given 2 Fruit tree saplings which they have to plant near their homes

Adopt a Tree Project

  • Our objective of this project is to grow trees in the urban areas for more greenery and to beautify the place.
  • We look for people who are interested in adopting trees and not just identifying a place for planting trees.
  • We then provide saplings, tree guards, manure, etc. and get the Adopters to plant the saplings on an identified "event" day, post which they water and nurture the plants.

#LakshyaVruksha campaign launched on 14th June by Dr Tejaswini AnanthKumar An initiative to plant One Lac Tree Saplings by 2021

Save Food Project

  • We collect leftover food in good condition, from Restaurants, Foodcourts, Party events etc.
  • The same is served to construction labourers (typically migrants) and their family members.
  • We chose labourers from the construction industry since they toil very hard almost the entire day and have to cook their meals in the night.
  • Saves natural resources like water, fossil fuel and cultivation of farmland created by destroying forest land

Project JnanaShala

An education based initiative, that aims to enable and empower the lives of people living in rural villages of India

Objective: The objective of this Project goes beyond education of rural children to empowering women and rural youth through education and skill based training programs, leading to sustainable livelihood and a prosperous rural economy.


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