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Goonj is a material based organisation which uses cities discard for fueling widespread development across village India.More-

About GOONJ (means an echo) a multi-award-winning organization, using the cities discard for fueling widespread development work across village India. While dealing with more than 9400+ tons of material annually, Goonj reaches this material as a resource, as a parallel currency with dignity to the rural communities as they take up large scale development work like recharging water bodies, rebuilding local infrastructure, education, for addressing their own issues. Goonj’s work has also led to the systematic changes in the disaster relief & rehabilitation work; while it has also opened up the most taboo issue of menstrual hygiene and providing clean cotton cloth as a viable solution. For details, please refer-

1- COVID 19 has pushed everyone financially but the people who were neglected even in good times were pushed even further below the poverty line. These communities like transgenders, sex workers, leprosy patients, HIV positive and differently-abled, artisans, beggars who are already marginalised and stigmatised by the mainstream and struggling to make the ends meet were again left starving and helpless. Missed out in resources and opportunities were these communities in these pandemic times. We are trying to bring the lens of dignity towards them. Hear more about the stories from the team on ground. Visit the stall on 2nd October at 11 am and 3rd October at 3 pm

2- A rural school going kid and YOU Inviting teachers, parents and kids to be a part of this conversation where we will discuss - about the realities of children in villages, role of children in the cities and how we can help the younger generation in bridging this gap. Visit the stall on 2nd October at 2 pm


A rural school going child and You Oct 3 - Sun 11:00 12:00 Add to Calendar
Bring Voice of the Unheard Oct 3 - Sun 15:00 16:00 Add to Calendar
Creating an impact through skilled knowhow Oct 3 - Sun 16:00 17:00 Add to Calendar


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God bless you all for your monumental work and for continuously Uplifting lives

~ Chhitra Subramaniam from Mumbai