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Gestures is a women's and community livelihood support initiative, incubated by the Kriti team. We promote handmade, eco-friendly, organic and locally made products from across rural and urban India. Through product design and marketing support, we enable community producers and artisans to earn dignified livelihoods. Our mission is to empower community producers to lead lives of freedom, dignity and equity, while having decent work and incomes, access to essential services, education and healthcare. Through direct and online shopping options of Gestures products, we make it possible for buyers to make sustainable consumption and organic choices. These products are ethically sourced, sustainably produced, and are safe for the producer, buyer and the environment.

Our parent organisation, the Kriti team, is a capacity building and development support organisation that works with a gender and intersectionalities approach with non-profits, communities and social enterprises across India. Its other programmes are as follows:

The Kriti Film Club screens documentary films to trigger discussions and actions on important societal and rights concerns; it curates and promotes thought provoking cinema based events/ festivals for social change. Donate here

Astitva For Women is a community programme in Dehradun, that provides social and legal support to women survivors of domestic violence; enables them to set up small businesses for having livelihoods with dignity, including marketing of organic food produce and supports their children to access education and health care for overall well-being and fulfillment of their aspirations. Donate a Ration Kit

The Rightscape initiative builds development and rights perspectives among young people through Volunteering opportunities. Click here if you want to volunteer or write to

Our Diary documents and shares stories and experiences of peoples movements for recognising, protecting and promoting people's rights.

Capacity Building, Documentation and Development Communication for small and large people's collectives and civil society organisations.

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