Foundation for Mother and Child Health India

We aim to empower 1 million families in the next 5 years to eradicate malnutrition, giving the children a fair chance in life!

More than 50% of women in India are anemic and 40% of children in India are malnourished. This robs the children and young mothers of living a life of full potential – performing poorly in school and earning up to 10% lesser as adults, thus continuing the cycle of poverty.

At Foundation for Mother and Child Health, we work on changing this by working with families with pregnant mothers and children. We empower families belonging to a vulnerable community to make the right choice in food and health by providing accurate actionable knowledge and other associated intensive services.

Our vision is a world of healthy mothers and thriving children. We have worked with over 40,000 families across low-income slums of Mumbai and aim to reach 1 million families in 5 years.


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FMCH has been doing some great work, helping the underprivileged and vulnerable communities. Kudos to them for their impactful work!

~ Arun Chatterjee from Mumbai

Arun Chatterjee from Mumbai has pledged to help Foundation for Mother and Child Health India by

  • Volunteering
  • Donating
  • Creating Awareness

Looking forward to your celebration! Shout out to your wonderful team 😀😃

~ Danica from iVolunteer