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Let's Celebrate this Daan Utsav - India's own festival of giving by helping a child in need of care & protection.

CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF) is the nodal agency of the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development acting as the parent organisation for setting up, managing and monitoring the CHILDLINE 1098 service all over the country. CIF is the sole agency/body responsible for establishing the CHILDLINE service across the country, monitoring of service delivery and finance, training, research and documentation, creating awareness, advocacy as well as resource generation for the service.

All through the COVID-19 crisis and the lockdown in India, CHILDLINE 1098, the emergency helpline for children in need of care and protection, has continued to receive calls 24x7 without any disruption to take up interventions to prevent abuse, assist children in distress and provide emotional support.

Your donation will further our vision of ensuring a happy and healthy childhood of children in need. Donate to protect children and provide a safe and healthy environment.


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Sanjivani from Udaipur has pledged to help Childline India Foundation by

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Vikas Puthran from Mumbai has pledged to help Childline India Foundation by

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  • Creating Awareness

its good think to help the children and needy people

~ ashakiran balgruh from Nagpur