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Aram, tamil word for dharma. Aram Porul is promoting different activities in the city to celebrate Daan Utsav. Aramm Porul is the implementation Partner for

iGiver is a digital platform that makes In-Kind donations easy , transparent and delightful. Connects Donors, local producers or retailers and Non Profits in a region. Promoting local commerce, sustainability, food assurance to NGO Homes.

iGiver is built as a social SAAS platform. Multiple producers offering different products, donors buy based on their choice and retailer vendor then sends it to their local NGO.

Now a donor can buy and give books, breakfast, vegetables, bread, groceries etc directly from the app, offered exclusively to iGiver at discounted prices, by local producers, regional retail brands. All transactions through the platform are anonymous.

Donor receives thank you video from the NGO when a donation reaches the NGO, based on the first name shared with them.

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